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National Innovation Award Bestowed to Montgomery County 911 Center

Computer Information Systems Inc. played a key role in providing Public Safety Software Systems to the award winning Montgomery County, Kentucky’s 911 Center

Skokie, Illinois—The National Association of Development Organization (NADO) selected Montgomery County’s 911 Center Development Project in public safety computer systems for the sole Innovation Award Nationwide in public safety.  Montgomery was recognized for the successful implementation of its County-wide project using advanced computer software for the 911 Center’s dispatch of all police, fire and EMS services with mobile and records.

The Records Management System (RMS) and Mobile Computer System (MCS) were from Computer Information Systems Inc., a leadingPublic Safety Software Solutions provider.  The 911 Center’s Director Ann Johnson managed the project team that contacted agencies Nationwide using qualified vendors’ systems said, “The 911 Center selected Computer Information Systems Inc. primarily for its commitment to their customer(s).  We have become a part of the CIS family and have seen that all their customers are treated as such!”  Johnson said, “No community too small or too big, they pride themselves on taking care of the needs of each agency.  The research and development team works hard to meet our (the end users) needs today and in the future.”  Johnson added, “Montgomery County was excited to join forces with Computer Information Systems Inc., they were ready for all the changes in paperless reporting with the State of Kentucky and were far ahead of their competitors in preparing for the future.  We would put their mobile client up against any in the country, its ease of use and ability to work with the officers in the field makes it the leader in the industry.  We were impressed by the ease of use as well as the ability to grow with our community of Computer Information Systems Inc. Software applications.”

Johnson said, “With CIS’ CAD, first responders are able to have information INSTANTLY that will not only help save the caller’s life but also the responders.  We have been able to utilize areas of the system that has solved crimes as well as saved lives.  We are interoperable because of CIS.  Our system is unique as are all of the CIS Sites, it was designed for the end user to do business their way, we love it!”

Montgomery County is among nine (9) CIS Host Systems in Kentucky serving several dozen agencies among the 700 agencies nationwide currently using Computer Information Systems Inc. Public Safety Software Solutions.

About Computer Information Systems Inc
Computer Information Systems, headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, develops, markets, maintains and supports its seamless Windows® Systems: Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) System, Records Management System (RMS), Civil Process System (CPS), Jail Management System (JMS) and Mobile Computer System (MCS).  Since 1985, Computer Information Systems has had a single market focus of Public Safety Software Solutions.  CIS engineered its Windows® Systems within the concept of providing regional systems that would make “big city technology” available to county and multi-county regions in mixed rural and urban regions with the very small agencies and urban large agencies.  This concept would include mission critical and information sharing that still enabled each agency to have complete control and choice of its dispatch and records operations.  For more information, visit www.cisusa.org.

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