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Toughbook Depot Teams Up With Ventura County Hogs for Charitable Cause

For their 3rd Tough Test, Toughbook Depot teamed up with the Ventura County Hogs charity football team. The V.C. Hogs is one of many teams (all comprised of police officers) that belong to the Ventura County Police Activities League. Toughbook Depot gladly donated refurbished Panasonic Toughbook laptops to P.A.L. for an auction that will help support a number of charitable organizations. In exchange, they helped us put Toughbook Depot’s factory authorized refurbs to the ultimate test in order to prove that they are, in fact, just as tough as new though they’re a fraction of the cost. It was firefighters versus the Hogs in a most unusual football game, with the Toughbook laptop acting as the football.

Watch footage of the game and see what happens when our low cost refurbished Toughbook laptop goes head to head with a 275 lb. linebacker. Catch all the action at www.toughbookdepot.com and receive $50 off any laptop just for watching!


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