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Ping4Alerts Garners Significant Attention at the IACP Show in October


Stratham, NH -- Ping4 Inc., the leading provider of geolocation-based mobile alerts that save lives, help solve crimes and save people money, announced today that their emergency alert smartphone application, Ping4Alerts, garnered significant attention among attendees at the IACP Show in Chicago in October 22-26, 2011. Ping4 also announced Pilot testing of the offering to begin in December with an initial concentration on NH and MA markets with thousands of people across small, medium and large metro area communities in each state. 

Ping4Alerts is the industry’s first smarthphone application that notifies citizens via their smart phones and other smart devices in real-time about local crimes in progress, natural disasters, dangerous storm situations, missing persons, traffic situations, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies. Ping4Alerts enables law enforcement or other public safety officials to send immediate, localized warnings and messages that can help keep citizens safe, or enlist help from the community, including a picture of a vehicle, or a security video from a robbery. 

“Police can now alert citizens in specific, tightly defined locations such as along a subway line, along a highway, in a specific store or shopping mall, or an entire city or state,” said Jim Bender, CEO of Ping 4 Inc. “How might outcomes have been different if the Japanese government had Ping4Alerts on the day of the massive earthquake and Tsunami? How might outcomes have been different if the Oslo police department had Ping4Alerts on July 22, a day when a criminal in a police uniform slaughtered hundreds of students?”

Ping4Alerts provides real-time emergency messaging only to people in a specifically defined geography that can be as small as a parking space or as large as a continent through their smartphones. As a downloaded smartphone app, Ping4Alerts accompanies the user as they travel anywhere in the world, enabling local Public Safety agencies to alert individuals based on their precise location. Individuals can download this free app from the Apple Store App Store or Android Marketplace and select Manchester Police Department and Ping4Alerts will deliver alerts according to the location and the alert types they select. 

“Because we always saw public safety and the public good as a key part of our Ping4 offering, we have priced it at a nominal fee to Police Departments and other government agencies,” Mr. Bender added. “Our initial deployments will be with police departments in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. At the Federal level, the Departments of Homeland Security, The Federal Emergency Management Administration and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration are other agencies who would benefit from this service. Deployed locally, regionally, nationally or globally, this app will save lives.”

About Ping4 Inc 
Ping4 Inc. specializes in the development of real-time, highly scalable, geolocation-based communications for use in mobile applications. Ping4 Inc. has created a new medium for location-based services for shoppers, merchants, and law enforcement and public safety authorities. Ping4 delivers local promotional offers and emergency alerts directly to consumers through the free Ping4Deals app on their smartphone or the browser on any mobile device. The firm’s management has over 40 years of experience in the development of software related products. To learn more about these innovative solutions visit www.ping4.com.

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