The fully ruggedized Toughbook CF-30 features a 13.3" XGA anti-glare and anti-reflective coating screen rated at 500 NIT (candles per square meter, a measure of brightness) version and a 1000 NIT touchscreen version, both sporting a 1.6GHz SL9300 Low Voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor with Intel Centrino2 vPro Technology, 2GB RAM, and 160GB HDD.
With an ultra strong magnesium alloy case, the MIL-STD 810G certified Panasonic Toughbook CF30 is vibration, drop and shock resistant and sports a 32 mm thick, foam-packed HDD casing, to withstand drops from a height of 6 feet. The novel thing is that the solid metal handle incorporated into the chassis makes it nearly impossible to drop this machine, but accidents do happen. The optional 1,000 NIT touchscreen, readable under direct sunlight, is an option particularly meant for the law enforcement officials, armed forces, first responders, field service techs and other industry workers who have to work outside with a rugged notebook. With the 1,000 NIT bright touchscreen, you can easily use custom touchscreen enabled applications in vehicle-mounted environments or when walking around. The CF30's extremely durable battery lasts up to 6-8 hours.
The sealed keyboard and ports and shock mounted screen and HDD add the essential ruggedness. The special HDD-heater allows the Panasonic Toughbook CF30 to function under extreme conditions up to -20°C. The anti-sun-reflective silver painting and the internal thermal pipe system prevents heat absorption while in hot outdoor conditions. This rugged notebook is fully sealed using O-Ring gaskets on the doors and ports to ensures dust, moisture and water resistance at the IP65 (ingress protection) level. All these features make it ready for hard conditions including indoors, outdoors, snow, rain, dust, etc.
The fully rugged CF30 comes with integrated wireless options like WLAN, WWAN, GPS and Bluetooth. You can configure the WWAN as either UMTS/HSPDA from AT&T or EV-DO to work with the Sprint or Verizon network. Now the this Toughbook comes with the new Gobi 3G Broadband wireless so you can switch to Verizon, AT&T or Sprint at anytime. 
The Intel Centrino2 architecture with WLAN standard permits high flexibility and ensures optimal reception with 2 integrated WLAN-antennas located at the top of the display unit. The ‘hot swapping' multimedia pocket, gives you the flexibility to swap between several optical drives and even a secondary battery.
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