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Interoperable Communications: Building Toward Tomorrow

By Janet Kornblum

We've all experienced the need to replace technology like a laptop. Solution: go shop and find the best one you can get for your money.

But it's 2009 and you decide you want your PC to be your phone as well. After all, you know about Skype and you want to save some money by using the Internet as your phone provider.

So now you have to make sure your new PC can support IP (Internet Protocol) phone calling. Then you think about all the other ways you use your PC: You already have a printer, an external hard drive and of course a home network. So you have to make sure your new machine is compatible with those as well: After all, you don’t want to have to buy new devices.

Then you remember you volunteered to do some computer work for your daughter's class, so your computer has to be able to plug into her school system. And you want to make sure you can still use your brother-in-law's digital video recorder.

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