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P1 Tech Help: What's your problem?

Before I was a cop, I worked in the technology industry as a Network Administrator and Systems Engineer. In essence, I was what most people would call “the I.T. guy” and although this isn’t really the most accurate description of what I did, it’s suitable enough for our purposes here.

Back then, some of the most commonly-asked questions I used to get were (and believe me, this is NOT a comprehensive list):

• “Hey John, what happened to my printer? I can’t seem to print my document.”
• “Hey John, I keep getting an error message about a network cable detached.”
• “Hey John, my computer has a virus or something, it won’t let me watch this video.”
• “Hey John, I just spilled my coffee in my keyboard. What should I do?”
• “Hey John...”

You get the idea. Sometimes these people had some real, actual problems with their machine and I’d have to really work for my supper. But usually the fix was fairly simple, and depending on a bunch of factors (like whether this was their first time asking the question or their tenth?), I’d have a handful of fairly simple replies that usually got them back to work with a minimum of hassle.

I came on board here at PoliceOne a year ago (wow, time really flies) and have written about some ways that simple technologies can benefit us officers, as well as some of the stuff that can pose a real problem

There are countless things I could write about here every month, but I want to make sure I’m addressing the stuff you think is most important. What gives YOU the most trouble? Basically, how can I help you with some of your everyday technology questions? It’d be my pleasure to help you out. Send me an e-mail, or post your question in the comments below.

Now, here some of my favorite “One-Liner” Tech Tips:

• Be respectful in email — it lasts FOREVER.
• Hit “Save” regularly, and BACK UP your files!
• Change ALL your passwords every few months.
• Don’t open uninvited attachments (yes, people STILL do this).
• When in doubt, REBOOT.

Until next time, be safe!

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