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Integrated Law Enforcement Records Management and Information Sharing Initiative to Connect 20 PA Agencies for Real Time Data Access

Paint Township selects ATS Public Safety and In-Synch Systems to lead critical ILE/RMS Homeland Security effort

Paint Township announced today the award of a critical homeland security regional Integrated Law Enforcement Records Management Systems (ILE/RMS) Information Sharing project to Advanced Technology Systems (McLean, VA) and In-Synch Systems (Zelienople, PA). Paint Township Police Chief Wilbert Bailey will act as the sponsor for the development of the information sharing project involving twenty Pennsylvania police agencies. The ILE/RMS Information Sharing Initiative will allow agencies with disparate records management systems to connect to each other and share critical law enforcement data in real-time. This multi-jurisdictional project will include the Somerset County District Attorney’s office and police agencies from Cambria, Somerset, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties.

This initiative will enable and strengthen information sharing by providing the capability, through a common and secure query function, to access the combined information contained in the twenty separate Records Management Systems currently operated by each of the participating agencies. Officers will be able to access and share information faster and wherever they are located. Faster access to a wider range of data will allow the officers to spend more time in their communities instead of in the office searching files and filling out reports. The greater depth and breadth of access to information provided by this project will significantly increase the likelihood of better informed and more accurate enforcement decisions. Granting common access to this larger base of information ensures that all departments in the surrounding communities, cities and counties may rely on the same level of information to support their law enforcement efforts. The system will provide desktop access as well as support of wireless mobile data terminals to allow officers unparalleled data access based on operational need.

Chief Wilbert Bailey noted the issue Pennsylvania agencies face today by stating “U.S. law enforcement operations occur at different levels within the bounds of specific local, county, state and national jurisdictions. We each maintain exclusive records systems. Presently in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contiguous jurisdictions are unable to leverage the information resident in the RMS repositories of neighboring jurisdictions. The ILE/RMS Information Sharing Project eliminates this problem and puts actionable information into the hands of primary homeland security personnel to make quick decisions in the field, specifically local law enforcement agencies.”

Certain fundamentals exist for law enforcement records management systems. Each RMS provides a methodology for the systematic capture, recording, storage, management, retrieval and retention for access and use by authorized personnel in the pursuit of law enforcement functions. In dealing with the challenges of integrating PA law enforcement RMS systems, Kirk Farra, Vice President of Operations at In-Synch Systems commented “Our substantial background in providing state-of-the-art RMS systems to law enforcement agencies across the country puts us in a unique position to understand the challenges of this project and deliver a fully functioning solution rapidly, while ensuring all electronic exchange of law enforcement record information occurs in strict accordance with the Criminal History Records Information Acts (CHRIA) of the State of Pennsylvania.” The system will enhance the accuracy of law enforcement decision-making by providing common access to the multiple data stores of the participating agencies. The project will require the installation of servers with XML message switch capability configured to the protocols employed by the participating agency records management systems. Martin Gillespie, Vice-President & General Manager of ATS Public Safety noted “We are pleased to implement our next generation Voyager technology platform that will act as the central backbone to the ILE/RMS initiative. Our unique wire line and wireless platform takes information sharing to a new level and brings secure actionable intelligence to the point of officer need, based on their unique and individual requirements in supporting law enforcement and homeland security operations.”

ABOUT Advanced Technology Systems
Advanced Technology Systems, Inc. (ATS) is a leading government IT services provider and software manufacturer supporting Federal, State and Local law enforcement, military and civilian agencies. The company has operations in 22 states, with over 900 employees. ATS Public Safety provides law enforcement and first responder agencies with secure, state of the art of software and services. A recognized leader in developing technology standards for law enforcement, the company’s Voyager secure data platform supports wire line and mobile wireless technology giving first responders critical and reliable, real-time data and images from local, state and national databases. Voyager’s high-performance, scalable, cost-effective and easy to implement solutions support over 300 police agencies in North America. http://www.atspublicsafety.com/voyager

ABOUT In-Synch Systems
Founded in 1999 In-Synch specializes in the development of data sharing technology systems and solutions for local, regional and national law enforcement agencies. In-Synch’s core technology competencies include packaged applications, application development, integration, needs assessment, training and support. MobileSynchRMS is an advanced technology solution that provides wireless data sharing, interoperability, and communications among law enforcement agencies. www.in-synch.com

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