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IPMobileNet Introduces GPSee, Vehicle Location and Tracking System

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - IPMobileNet announced the release of its GPSee, vehicle location and tracking system. IPMobileNet utilizes the embedded GPS receivers in its radios to provide real-time vehicle tracking from a centralized location, like a dispatch center. The IPMobileNet IP Series mobile data system provides the wireless connectivity so that vehicle locations (captured by the GPS receiver) can be sent quickly and efficiently to dispatchers and other authorized viewers. GPSee allows vehicle location tracking without an intelligent device (such as a laptop) in the vehicle. A unique feature of the GPSee system is that it automatically senses vehicle movement, so vehicle location data is not needlessly transmitted over-the-air when the vehicle is idle. When the vehicle is in motion, GPS vehicle location information is transmitted over-the-air at user-defined intervals.

Many commercial and industrial devices have embedded GPS receivers, but the difficulty is getting the location data back to a central dispatcher or office. Taxi companies, waste management, transportation providers (school and municipal), utility companies, and construction companies have an on-going need to know where their vehicle assets are at any given time. The IPMobileNet GPSee system provides accurate and timely vehicle location information to dispatchers and any LAN-connected managers or administrators.

"We've seen a lot of demand for this product in the public sector, such as public transportation, and in the private sector," explained Brian Purcell, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "We developed this product as a more efficient means to meet the needs of our many taxi and utilities customers." Purcell continued, "The first system was deployed by one of our largest customers in Kentucky, and we are seeing increasing interest in this technology from our other public safety customers as well."

The GPSee system works in conjunction with the IP Series mobile data system, manufactured by IPMobileNet. The GPSee system can poll vehicle locations over distance traveled, or time intervals. The GPSee server software compiles tracking information (to determine where a vehicle has been over days, weeks, months, etc.), and can be used in conjunction with mapping software to plot routes traveled and to map efficient routes to specific locations.

About IPMobileNet
IPMobileNet is a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of private wireless and public safety grade 802.11 mobile data solutions. With more than two decades of innovation in wireless data communications, IPMobileNet built its world-class reputation by providing highly reliable mobile data communications networks for the public safety, utility, transportation and government markets. IPMobileNet has developed unique technology that addresses the specific needs of the private mobile wireless market, including the first 100% native IP system for voice and data, the first 700 MHz mobile data system in the country, and a sophisticated diversity receiver technology that significantly improves network throughput and reliability in difficult environments. IPMobileNet is a private company whose investors manage in excess of $1 billion. www.ipmn.com

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