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Mobile BIS Introduces New Automated Functions to Its Law Enforcement Mobility Software

LOS ANGELES — Mobile BIS, a leading developer of software for mobile devices has introduced a new function to its Mobile Unit Field Reporting System (MUFRS) that will automate and speed the filing of criminal charges, issuance of citations for traffic and other alleged violations by law enforcement officers.

The company’s software installed on officers’ mobile communications device is integrated, using an Oracle Lite Mobile Server, with a central server. When arrests are made or a motorist is cited by an officer, the alleged charges or violations are transmitted from a handheld device, Smartphone, or a mobile computer to a central Server and Records Management System. The citation or charge is then automatically printed at the scene on a wireless Bluetooth™ printer. Concurrently the citation or charge and incident are tracked and integrated into the application software at the local court and police jurisdiction.

Incorporating the Oracle Lite Mobile Server, and Oracle 10g database, MUFRS is able to speed the tracking and arrest of sex offenders and other criminals in real time and to produce efficiencies in jail and law enforcement operations.

“Our MUFRS application is not only a valuable tool to automate law enforcement but the efficiency benefits produced are especially relevant in an environment of cost reduction experienced by many law enforcement agencies,” said Michael Macho, Mobile BIS president.

“The application will integrate with any existing database or Records Management System and Corrections Management System on the market today. Finally an application on the market that will allow police agencies to utilize mobile technology and receive benefits in field processing, without having to change or upgrade the entire infrastructure.

“We see a broad usage of MUFRS – by campus police and park patrols to city, county and state law enforcement agencies,” said Macho.

About Mobile BIS
Based in Los Angeles, Mobile BIS (www.mobilebis.com), a division of BIS Computer Solutions, provides software applications for mobile devices to automate a company’s operations, accelerate responsiveness of its field and transportation personnel and maximize customer satisfaction. Mobile BIS is an Oracle Certified Partner and a member of the Oracle Development Alliance Network. Its mobile solutions are developed and implemented using the Oracle 10g database and Oracle 10g Lite mobile application server.

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