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Allen County Sheriff’s Department Deploys Columbitech Mobile VPN to Significantly Improve Productivity

Replacing Legacy System With Columbitech’s Solution Provides Secure, Uninterrupted Remote Access to Mission-Critical Applications Countywide

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Columbitech, a leading security software provider, today announced that Allen County Sheriff’s Office in northwest Ohio selected Columbitech for a countywide implementation of its Mobile VPN. By installing the Mobile VPN, Allen County emergency personnel can now improve productivity with secure, uninterrupted remote access to mission-critical applications, including dispatch of emergency calls, fire inspection data and police reports as well as vehicle and identity check-ups.

“The Columbitech Mobile VPN exceeded our detailed evaluation criteria and was by far the most reliable, cost-efficient solution that we evaluated. Columbitech’s solution provided more functionality for less than half of the cost when compared to other VPN solutions,” said Isaac Dunifon, deputy of the Allen County Communication Technology Department. “Using Columbitech’s solution, we increase emergency personnel productivity. Columbitech’s strong security solution keeps our data safe while also helping the Sheriff’s Office to protect our citizens and first responders with secure mission-critical information. With the help of Columbitech, I believe our goal of providing fast, secure, reliable information to the police, fire and EMS departments are now at a much higher standard.”

Allen County Sheriff’s Department selected Columbitech for its ability to support network roaming and session persistence. Prior to implementing Columbitech’s solution, Allen County used a legacy VPN solution from Cisco. This legacy solution terminated log-in sessions and lost data anytime the network signal was lost or a user roamed to a new network. As a result, emergency personnel were unable to access critical applications and data, many times for up to two hours, before reconnecting to the network. This delay seriously impacted productivity and the ability for emergency personnel to protect the citizens' safety.

By replacing the legacy system with Columbitech’s solution, police officers, firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals can now seamlessly roam to the Wi-Fi network when working in or out of the office. Session persistence ensures persistent, secure wireless access to applications on the internal network via the laptops that are used in the emergency vehicles while network roaming ensures remote access, regardless of location. In addition, Columbitech’s Mobile VPN is military-grade FIPS 140-2 certified so the confidential data from applications and reports remains secure with strong encryption and authentication features.

“We are proud to help such an important agency work more effectively while keeping critical data secure,” said Asa Holmstrom, president of Columbitech. “On-the-go access to mission-critical applications can help save lives and increase public safety. Built for the wireless world, the Columbitech solution can solve mobile deployment challenges with true mobility features while improving productivity.”

About Columbitech
Columbitech, the world’s most deployed mobile VPN provider, enables fearless enterprise mobility and unleashes the power of wireless. Its software solution offers seamless security for any mobile device and application, with support for WLAN and public networks, including 3G, 4G and WiMAX. The Columbitech solution provides transparent access to enterprise applications from any network, without requiring any changes to hardware.

With over 2 million deployed users, customers include three of the top ten U.S. retailers, several large European service providers and all military branches in the U.S. The embedded solution is OEM licensed by leading companies, including Motorola and Ericsson. The Columbitech solution holds a FIPS 140-2 certification. The company is privately held with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York, USA.

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