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Datalux Introduces New 12" Monitor

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WINCHESTER, Va.,  – Datalux Corporation today introduces the new XG12 series of 12.1” LCD monitors, featuring a die-cast aluminum enclosure, XGA resolution (1024x768), protected LCD panel, locking power connector and optionally, a choice of either serial or USB resistive touch screen.  Like all Datalux products, the XG12 series was engineered for very demanding environments.  

“If you need to replace the monitor in your cruiser, Datalux has the solution; the new Datalux XG12i backlit 12.1 monitor with XGA resolution.  This monitor uses LED-backlighting technology to illuminate the display.  Advantages to LED backlighting as compared to fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) include: long life, immunity to vibration and more uniform and brighter lighting.  This tough, energy-efficient monitor has a bright, even light distribution that allows the new Datalux XG12i monitor to be read under the brightest of conditions including direct sunlight.  The monitor also features precise dimming control.  Sharp, crisp images come to life on Datalux’s innovative new monitor.  All of these features are in a sealed case, keeping dust and contaminants out. This new monitor is so versatile that in many cases, it can be installed on your existing mount,” said Scott Dunklee, Datalux director of sales for pubic safety and a retired officer with 25 years of law enforcement experience.

The new product line includes two versions – the bright XG12 with a 380 cd/m2 display and the daylight viewable XG12i with a 1000 cd/m2 display.  The XG12i can easily be viewed in a vehicle in bright daylight and is about 4 times brighter than most desktop LCD displays or notebook computers. 

The new Datalux XG12 monitors are fully capable of being used in many applications including industrial environments, financial industry applications, electronics manufacturing, medical equipment, security, heavy equipment or embedded into other machinery.  The XG12 series was developed to be used with a wide range of power inputs found in industrial and vehicular environments.  Designed to interface with almost any computer system, the XG12 and XG12i can also be used with the full range of Datalux computers and keyboards.

The XG12 series of monitors is sealed (designed for a minimum IP54 rating) to prevent penetration of dust or other contaminants from the surrounding environment from entering; the monitor is easily cleaned with standard cleaners. Featuring a sealed front panel control for precise dimming, backlight control and power, the Datalux XG12 series offers optional touch-screen capability, providing easy interface with the user’s software.  

When ordered with a USB touch screen interface, the XG12 and XG12i monitors also provide integrated stereo speakers and a USB 2.0 port on the monitor.  The speakers are sealed with a special membrane designed to prevent moisture ingress.   (The USB port and speakers are not available with the serial touch interface version of the XG12 which is available to support older video monitor applications.)

The new XG12 series accepts a wide range of input voltages from 8 to 18 volts DC, and provides special power conditioning features accommodations to allow the use of 12 volt DC vehicular power.

“Our new XG12 monitor is rugged enough for use in most industrial and vehicular conditions and versatile enough to support a variety of applications and can be easily mounted where you need it,” said Gary Davis, Datalux corporate director of sales and marketing.  “The XG12 is VESA 75mm mount compatible, allowing use of many industry standard VESA mounting solutions.”  Datalux also manufactures several mounting solutions for the new monitor including a desk mount and swing arm mount.

Datalux monitors are used in diverse industries and with a multitude of user applications, including:

      •Port container tracking
      •Semiconductor manufacturing
      •Rail inspection equipment
      •Industrial control applications
      •Banking/ATM applications
      •Theater control
      •Highway construction
      •Security (video monitor, bomb detection equipment)
      •In-vehicle use (law enforcement, fire, emergency medical, heavy equipment)
      •Medical devices
      •Marine application
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