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Radio IP Software Launches Mult-IP Mobile VPN Solution for Public Safety Market

Patent-pending concurrent networks technology allows one VPN to use multiple wireless networks simultaneously

Houston (Business Wire) - Radio IP Software Inc., a leading developer of advanced mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, today announced the launch of the Mult-IP mobile VPN software suite at the annual Association of Public Safety Communications (APCO) conference. Mult-IP is the latest generation of secure, in-motion VPN connectivity software specifically designed for the mission critical communication requirements of public safety agencies and other mission critical market segments such as utilities, transportation and military. Radio IP will display the product in its booth and also demonstrate its patent-pending concurrent networks technology that redefines the flexibility and robustness of a secure mobile VPN solution. The Adams County Communication Center, located in Commerce City, Colorado, has been testing the Mult-IP software to securely connect with their local police and fire agencies, and will be presenting its findings during the APCO conference.

Mult-IP is the only network agnostic mobile VPN solution in the industry with simultaneous support for all major wireless network technologies, including both IP and non-IP based Public Mobile Radio (PMR) networks, public and private wireless networks such as 2G/3G, WiFi, LTE and WiMAX, and broad based satellite networks. Enforcing and exceeding FBI CJIS and HIPPA security policies, Mult-IP’s support for FIPS 140-2, AES/3DES encryption, and two factor authentication ensure VPN connections are always protected and secure – regardless of the network used.

The major technological advancement in Mult-IP is its patent pending concurrent networks technology. Designed specifically for public safety mission critical communication environments, concurrent networks technology allows clients to transmit data over multiple networks simultaneously by creating a single “network of networks”. By uniting the best features of individual wireless networks, organizations can now maximize their infrastructure resources, saving time and money, while still achieving the highest level of performance, reliability and security available in the mobile VPN market.

“We specifically designed and developed Mult-IP to address the exacting communication requirements of public safety agencies,” said Patrick Tabourin, Vice-President, Marketing and Product Management at Radio IP. “Leveraging more than a decade of R&D and deployment history in this market, we focused on releasing a superior product that provided the industry’s highest level of mobile VPN security and accessibility, along with advanced group policy and ease of use to remove the cumbersome complexities historically associated with deploying mobile VPN’s in the context of a public safety environment.”

Mult-IP’s advanced group policy management feature allows IT administrators from individual agencies to create unique user groups and associated policies tailored to their distinct needs and budget. This intelligent partitioning of resources empowers each agency to configure which network will carry specific application data based on each application’s priority, operational parameters, and/or authentication requirements -- independent of other groups within a single agency and across other agencies.

“In times of crisis, first responders can’t be concerned with failed wireless connections or insecure communications,” Tabourin said. “Mult-IP delivers always-on, always-secure mobile VPN connections so first responders can focus on their core job and not get bogged down by time-consuming wireless connection issues.”

About Radio IP Software, Inc.
Radio IP Software leverages a broad portfolio of intellectual property to deliver innovative mobile data connectivity solutions that provide mobile and in-motion workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks. www.radio-ip.com

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