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IPMobileNet Selected for Santa Cruz, CA 4.9 GHz Mesh Network System

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- IPMobileNet is pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz (CA) Consolidated Emergency Communications Center (SCCECC) has selected the IPMobileNet XpressNet 4.9 GHz mobile data system for its wireless mesh network project. IPMobileNet was selected through a competitive bid process earlier this month.

The system consists of mesh-networked access points which will cover four police departments in the Santa Cruz area, including the city of Santa Cruz. Public safety officers will communicate with the access points using laptops and PCMCIA cards operating in the 4.9 GHz band dedicated for public safety. The XpressNet system uses standard 802.11 frequencies and protocols to achieve mesh networking between the access points. The access points allow mobile connectivity to mission critical dispatch services and federal and municipal data bases on the city's local area networks (LAN). After the successful implementation of this initial mesh network, the system may be expanded to cover the other four cities that make up the SCCECC.

"IPMobileNet has provided wireless mobile data to public safety and governments for almost 30 years," said Brian Purcell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We have always been a technology innovator and we were one of the first to successfully merge our wide area mission critical data systems with broadband technology, allowing our customers access to high data rate applications such as high resolution mug shots and video in their patrol vehicles. Santa Cruz is one of several IPMobileNet clients that are currently deploying this cutting-edge technology."

IPMobileNet's XpressNet system has distinct advantages over other 802.11 wireless data solutions. XpressNet utilizes a two-radio architecture in each access point so there is significantly less latency and loss of bandwidth as the data travels between multiple access points. The XpressNet system is a self-healing mesh, so communications are automatically re-routed in the event that an access point becomes unavailable. XpressNet also employs the latest encryption and authentication software (with no impact on throughput) for secure public safety communications. IPMobileNet is currently installing a 4.9 GHz public safety system for the City of Tucson (AZ) Fire District.

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