Phone app claims it can pinpoint gun location by bullet sound

The in-the-making app alleges it can target an exact location of where a shot has been fired

By Mark Prigg
Daily Mail

An app that can pinpoint a gunman's location simply by analyzing the sound and shockwaves from a gunshot have been revealed by US researchers.

The Android app can show a map of exactly where the gunman is located, and is expected to be developed for military and police use in the war on terror. The system works on the principle that all but the lowest powered firearms produce unique sonic signatures when they are fired. 

First, there is the muzzle blast — an expanding balloon of sound that spreads out from the muzzle each time the rifle is fired.  Second, bullets travel at supersonic velocities so they produce distinctive shockwaves as they travel. As a result, a system that combines an array of sensitive microphones, a precise clock and an off-the-shelf microprocessor can detect these signatures and use them to pinpoint the location from which a shot is fired with remarkable accuracy, the researchers say.

Full Story: The app that can tell you EXACTLY where a gunman is just by listening to a bullet being fired

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