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San Jose Police Department Chooses TeleStaff™ Scheduling Management and Notification Software by PDSI

Powerful scheduling solution with telephony feature streamlines staff scheduling operations

Orange, Ca. - PDSI Software, Inc., a leading provider of staff scheduling and notification solutions for public safety departments, is pleased to announce that the San Jose Police Department has selected TeleStaff for its staff scheduling and notification needs. Leveraging some of the most advanced scheduling technology available to the public safety market, TeleStaff is designed to automate and manage department-wide staffing needs by combining sophisticated, user-friendly software with the telephone. Additional features range from detailed time tracking and extensive cost reporting to the direct export of valuable staffing data into third-party payroll, CAD and RMS solutions. TeleStaff improves staff scheduling efficiencies and communications, and reduces operating costs for more than 400 public safety departments across North America.

"The department selected TeleStaff to accomplish three goals," says Sergeant Douglas Grant of San Jose Police Department's Research and Development Unit. "We wanted to replace our current, in-house program which has become increasingly challenging to support and upgrade, standardize our timesheet system by integrating TeleStaff into our PeopleSoft® payroll solution, and lastly, but most importantly, reduce the overall time and resources it takes to schedule staff to training, time off, vacation and overtime."

"PDSI is honored to have been selected as the vendor of choice for automated staff scheduling for the San Jose Police Department," says PDSI president, Greg Ekstrom. "With both the Police and Fire departments now using TeleStaff, the city of San Jose will greatly benefit through its staff scheduling, time keeping and cost management features allowing them to allocate time and resources where it is needed the most. Additionally, TeleStaff's ability to provide emergency notification, which is a formal and highly-reliable way of summoning personnel and communicating critical reporting instructions for emergency events, will enhance the city's response to any unforeseen incident helping to ensure the safety of its citizens."

TeleStaff is a unique staffing tool as it manages a Personal Calendar for each employee that may be accessed by PC, telephone or through the web via WebStaff™, an add-on product within the TeleStaff family, enabling staff to access appropriate information and administrators to make certain staffing decisions from any internet-enabled web browser. Officers or other personnel, for example, may sign up for work, review exceptions to their schedule and make leave requests. Furthermore, TeleStaff is configured using a department's unique staffing rules as well as union recommendations to ensure fair and accurate scheduling practices.

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