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Bellevue Police Department Chooses PDSI's TeleStaff™

Orange, California - PDSI, a leading provider for over 9 years of scheduling and notification software solutions to the public safety market, announces that Bellevue Police Department has selected TeleStaff to automate its daily scheduling and notification processes. By combining feature-rich software with notification capabilities including telephony, e-mail and pager communications, TeleStaff reduces scheduling time, streamlines operations through divisions and controls costs.

"TeleStaff will impact how we work in a number of positive ways. Officers will be able to schedule vacation and compensatory days from home on the Internet, and TeleStaff will make sure any requests comply with department policy and union rules. For Supervisors, calling in employees for overtime or emergency call outs will be streamlined and automated with one request calling all available necessary personnel. On the Administration side, all overtime with premium and incentive pays will be calculated automatically. TeleStaff will interface to our payroll accounting system without the waste and time-consumption of a paper system. We look forward to a more efficient and error-reduced scheduling system with TeleStaff," stated Public Information Officer, Greg Grannis.

"Providing public safety agencies, such as Bellevue, innovative solutions including payroll integration and web-access for its personnel, is our focus here at PDSI. Now the city's fire and police departments will both be using TeleStaff which is a great testament to PDSI," stated PDSI president, Greg Ekstrom.

The Bellevue Police Department employs 178 Commissioned Officers and 95 Non-Commissioned professional staff. The department serves a 31 square-mile area with a residential population of approximately 115,500 and a daytime population exceeding 170,000. The department is known as one of the best trained, equipped and staffed departments in the state of Washington.

PDSI is a leading provider of sophisticated workforce automation solutions for public safety agencies, large municipalities, healthcare services, hospitality organizations, commercial and retail entities throughout North America. PDSI products seamlessly integrate leading edge technologies necessary to automate daily processes such as scheduling and staff management for shifts, events or appointments resulting in value-added solutions and offering increased productivity among human resources. TeleStaff™ provides public safety agencies a scheduling and notification solution capable of managing complex rules, work codes and shifts. Collection Management System™ (CMS) is a group of applications specifically designed for blood collection organizations. The STAFFeasy™ solutions are web-based event and project staffing and notification applications designed to fill positions based on rules and notify personnel of work assignments. For more information about PDSI, please visit the company's website at www.pdsi-software.com or call 1-800-850-7374.

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