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Denver Police Department to use TeleStaff™

Combination of unmatched features makes TeleStaff the scheduling solution of choice for this large department

Orange, Ca. - PDSI, a leading provider of staff scheduling, management and notification solutions for public safety departments, is pleased to announce that the Denver Police Department has selected TeleStaff for its staff scheduling and notification needs. Leveraging some of the most advanced scheduling technology available to the public safety market, TeleStaff is designed to automate and manage department-wide staffing needs by combining user-friendly software with the telephone. Additional features range from detailed time tracking and extensive cost reporting to the direct export of valuable staffing data into third-party payroll, CAD and RMS solutions. TeleStaff improves staff scheduling efficiencies and communications, and reduces operating costs for more than 400 public safety departments across North America.

"Our current system is a DOS-based program and not complex enough to effectively keep track of overtime, comp time and our personnel. We chose TeleStaff because it will enable us to better manage our staff and their time, and provide management with reports that monitor staffing and department costs," says Lieutenant Roger Barker of the Denver Police Department. "We evaluated several scheduling vendors and chose PDSI because of TeleStaff's features and its proven track record."

"We are extremely excited to have been awarded this opportunity by the Denver Police Department," says Greg Ekstrom, president of PDSI. "TeleStaff's reporting tools and automated scheduling, which incorporates business rules and union recommendations, are meeting two priority needs for this department. With the Denver Fire Department also using TeleStaff, the city and its residents will benefit from the system's many features such as its emergency notification component which summons personnel to incidents and communicates critical reporting instructions to them as well as TeleStaff's ability to integrate to other leading public safety solutions."

Another department staffing process that will dramatically improve with TeleStaff is their 28 day-off bidding process. This is a monthly voting process where officers request their days off for the next 28 day period. "This process is very labor-intensive requiring time each day by a supervisor to manage, and numerous work hours over the course of a month to complete," stated Barker. With TeleStaff, this voting process will be automated as officers will have access to their Personal Calendars by phone, PC or internet to make leave requests, as well as sign up for work, and review exceptions to their schedules to be approved by an administrator. TeleStaff will then run a set of rules based on department staffing levels and officer profiles to determine what days off are assigned to each officer. The department also plans to export staffing data from TeleStaff and into their PeopleSoft® payroll system.

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