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TeleStaff™ 2.22 Delivers Self Assign Feature and New and Improved Roster Capabilities

Orange, CA. - PDSI, a leading provider of public safety scheduling solutions is pleased to announce the availability of TeleStaff 2.22, an enterprise-class staff scheduling and notification solution which automates and simplifies complex public safety scheduling processes and is used by more than 400 public safety departments throughout North America.

Building on the successes of previous versions, this release is aimed at enhancing user performance and positioning the product for future evolution according to client and market needs to help departments more effectively manage complex scheduling processes, improve staffing operations, and reduce time spent on daily scheduling tasks. TeleStaff 2.22 offers numerous new and improved capabilities including major roster enhancements. Now users have the ability to self assign into vacancies as long as they are available for selection. Employees and agencies will benefit from this innovative feature as it offers a new and flexible way for some scheduling to occur by leveraging the scheduling process to the employee. Further roster enhancements include new roster views such as a default vacancy-only view as well as increased user scalability across roster dates. Additionally, TeleStaff 2.22 includes enhancements for improved and simplified setup during configurations.

PDSI is a leading provider of sophisticated workforce automation solutions for public safety agencies, large municipalities, healthcare services, hospitality organizations, commercial and retail entities throughout North America. PDSI products seamlessly integrate leading edge technologies necessary to automate daily processes such as scheduling and staff management for shifts, events or appointments resulting in value-added solutions and offering increased productivity among human resources. TeleStaff™ provides public safety agencies a scheduling and notification solution capable of managing complex rules, work codes and shifts. Collection Management System™ (CMS) is a group of applications specifically designed for blood collection organizations. The STAFFeasy™ solutions are web-based event and project staffing and notification applications designed to fill positions based on rules and notify personnel of work assignments. For more information about PDSI, please visit the company's website at www.pdsi-software.com or call 1-800-850-7374.

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Share your data and search other agencies’ records with this tool

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