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Monroeville Police Department Selects TeleStaff™

TeleStaff's Ability to Adapt to the Department's Unique Staffing Processes Set

Irvine, California - PDSI, a leading provider of automated scheduling and notification software to the public safety market, announces that Monroeville Police Department has selected TeleStaff to automate daily staff scheduling and notification. TeleStaff has championed public safety workforce automation for years by providing proven solutions even in the most complex scheduling environments. More than 400 public safety departments across North America use TeleStaff on a daily basis.

"TeleStaff is a great tool for public safety organizations. The flexibility and features of the software set it apart from other systems that we have looked into. The system is configured from the ground up to perform scheduling functions based on our own unique rules, and adapts to our organization instead of the other way around. We are very excited to have technology like TeleStaff to automate what has always been a very time-consuming and complicated task for our department," says Sergeant Steven Pascarella, Monroeville Police Department.

PDSI is a leading provider of sophisticated workforce automation solutions for public safety agencies, large municipalities, healthcare services, hospitality organizations, commercial and retail entities throughout North America. PDSI products seamlessly integrate leading edge technologies necessary to automate daily processes such as scheduling and staff management for shifts, events or appointments resulting in value-added solutions and offering increased productivity among human resources. TeleStaff™ provides public safety agencies a scheduling and notification solution capable of managing complex rules, work codes and shifts. Collection Management System™ (CMS) is a group of applications specifically designed for blood collection organizations. The STAFFeasy™ solutions are web-based event and project staffing and notification applications designed to fill positions based on rules and notify personnel of work assignments. For more information about PDSI, please visit the company's website at www.pdsi-software.com or call 1-800-850-7374.

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Improve decision-making and incident response times with a single interactive map

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