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The City of Birmingham, Alabama Selects PDSI's TeleStaff and Stromberg's Enterprise Time and Attendance Solutions

Birmingham Able to Meet Broader Workforce Demands Through Software Automation and Integration

Irvine, CA. - PDSI, a leading provider of staff scheduling and notification solutions for public safety departments, is pleased to announce that the City of Birmingham, Alabama's Fire and Police departments have selected TeleStaff for its staff scheduling and notification needs. Additionally, the City has selected Stromberg's Enterprise Time and Attendance Solution to improve time tracking, attendance and payroll efficiency to its 5,000 employees. TeleStaff is the leading public safety scheduling and notification solution available to agencies automating scheduling processes, relaying work-related communications, and deploying public safety personnel. Stromberg's Enterprise Time and Attendance system automates the process of managing time and attendance information. Both solutions are rules-based which will allow the City to comply with regulatory constraints and organizational policies, and labor data will be passed to the City's new payroll/HR system resulting in less manual tasks and more streamlined operations.

"The Birmingham Police Department has historically depended on antiquated and labor intensive paper-based systems to staff and manage daily personnel needs. Such systems created many points of failure and could not hope to meet our future needs as we implement a new payroll system in 2008. TeleStaff will integrate with our new payroll initiative and we also believe that it will show a tremendous return-on-investment by streamlining our internal processes. TeleStaff is a major component in helping us to operate in a more efficient and effective manner and we look forward to our relationship with PDSI," stated Captain Ray Tubbs, Birmingham Police Department.

"Using TeleStaff, and other software including Stromberg Enterprise, will allow us to make quantum improvements to our older, legacy programs that require major administrative effort. These new systems will provide major retooling to the City's operating units," stated John M. Wade, Director of Information Management Services, City of Birmingham.

"It is an honor that TeleStaff was chosen by the City of Birmingham's Police and Fire Departments," says Greg Ekstrom, PDSI president. "TeleStaff is a very feature-rich solution designed to meet public safety scheduling and notification demands. Birmingham Police and Fire will realize improved scheduling efficiency and greater accountability throughout the staffing process."

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