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Innovative Software can Track Careers of Law Enforcement Personnel from Date of Hire to Retirement


The Windows-based software monitors personnel certifications, training and firearms qualifications. With SKILLS MANAGER V.7x, unlike generic learning management systems software programs, law enforcement and public safety training managers can evaluate individuals, instructors, and even organizations for compliance with established standards or regulations.

SKILLS MANAGER is tailored specifically to the needs of law enforcement agencies by tracking employee records, certifications, general and firearms training, plus employment and education.

The software also offers several integrated add-on modules designed to: catalog firearms and equipment; manage images, documents and computer files linked to employee and course records; and to test and score forms via automated scanning.

Most states in the U.S. have peace officers standards organizations, called a P.O.S.T., or a similar entity that sets training and certification standards for the law enforcement agencies in each state. The posts require rigid adherence to certification and re-certification, testing, and tracking of officers’ training, and must be provided with annual records reports.

“Helping these state standards organizations, as well as individual law enforcement and public safety agencies is where Skills Manager excels,” said Steve Wesner, Vice President of Crown Pointe Technologies. “The software easily pays for itself in less than a year after being purchased by relieving many administrative burdens and providing instant access to personnel records and easy-to-use reporting and mail merge features.”

Among the chief features SKILLS MANAGER offers include:

  • Employee Records Management – Keep detailed personal information on each employee such as birth, age, gender, ethnicity, home address, telephone numbers, social security/employee numbers. Look up employees by name, social security number, or alternative identification numbers.
  • Certifications Tracking – Record all current and past employee certifications complete with award and expiration dates and status.
  • General Training – Maintain complete history of courses taken by employees with date, course, credit hours, score, pass/fail, location, instructor and more. Log attendance to courses offered by your organization, as well as one-time or infrequent training provided by other organizations.
  • Firearms Training – Record all employee firearms qualifications, including date, weapon, score, pass/fail, application (day/light, low light, etc.).
  • Employment – Record all employment events such as hire dates, promotions, suspensions, leave-of-absence, transfer, terminations, etc. In addition,  note date, status, rank/position, level, classification, assignment, and more for each event.
  • Education – Record all diplomas, vocational certificates, and college degrees complete with date, institution, majors and credit hours.
Formatted Reports Offered
  • With a certain position/rank, level, or assignment
  • With specific certifications
  • Who have a certification due to expire
  • Who have not attended a mandatory course
  • Who have not accumulated the minimum training hours

Flexible Pricing
Pricing for SKILLS MANAGER V.7x begins at $1,000 for a single user with up to 50 active employees, and from there it is based on an organization’s size and the SKILLS MANAGER modules selected.

Ongoing technical support and software maintenance, which is recommended, is a reasonable additional charge.

For more information, call: (480)396-6289, or visit: www.crownpointetech.com.

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