Repeat Criminals - LexisNexis Helps Tackle Sex Offender Problem

Monitoring a sex offender’s location is especially important because offenders have been found to repeat their crimes. Within four to six years of a sex offender release, 14 percent of all sex offenders will be arrested or convicted for a new sex crime. Over a 15-year period, recidivism rates for all sex offenders averaged 24 percent, according to a recent study which included over 29,000 sex offenders.

Law enforcement agencies are struggling to enforce laws because there’s difficulty locating and registering sex offenders. A new solution from LexisNexis will be announced on Monday, February 4 providing law enforcement officials with an automated notification of the location of registered and unregistered sex offenders, even when they move from one law enforcement jurisdiction to another. This advanced notice will enable law enforcement officials to monitor registered and unregistered sex offenders quicker and easier.

If you are interested in hearing more about the sex offender problem in the U.S. and how the investigative process will be streamlined, I would be happy to arrange a pre-briefing this week or next week for you to speak with an expert at LexisNexis. I can be reached at 202/729-4205.

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How CMPD uses electronic monitoring to reduce recidivism and solve crimes

How CMPD uses electronic monitoring to reduce recidivism and solve crimes

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD tracks pretrial offenders with the Omnilink EM solution to deter repeat offenses and solve crimes faster

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