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Turn-Key Jail Management Software Introduced by Mobile BIS

LOS ANGELES — Mobile BIS, a leading developer of software for mobile devices, today introduced “Jail Watch,” a complete turn-key jail management solution for correctional facilities and jails.

“The new application gives corrections officers the ability to manage jail operations more effectively and complete assigned responsibilities more efficiently when conducting jail rounds of inmates,” according to Michael Macho, Mobile BIS president.

Said Macho: “With Jail Watch software on mobile devices, jail guards have real time access to a central database, enabling them to ensure inmates are in their assigned cells and in compliance with confinement requirements. It also allows for correctional facilities to input data pertaining to an inmate in real time. If a problem is discovered, a guard is able to alert all corrections officers and generate preventive action immediately.”

The Jail Watch application draws on a range of development tools from Oracle, including an Oracle Lite, Oracle Mobility Sync Server, and Oracle 10g Database.

“A number of correctional facilities across the country are accounting for inmates’ physical whereabouts by relying on the observations of guards during their rounds. Jail Watch eliminates the manual process and allows for operations to be conducted accurately and efficiently using mobile technology,” Macho said.

Jail Watch is a new application in the Mobile BIS suite of applications specifically designed for Public Safety and employed by law enforcement agencies across the country to track and apprehend criminals.

“The Jail Watch application will integrate with any existing database or Jail/Corrections Management System on the market today. Moreover, it will allow corrections departments to utilize mobile technology and experience a substantial return on investment, without changing or upgrading an entire infrastructure and back end solution,” Macho said.

“We see a broad usage of the Jail Watch application not only in the United States but also internationally,” he said.

About Mobile BIS
Based in Los Angeles, Mobile BIS (www.mobilebis.com), a division of BIS Computer Solutions, provides software applications for mobile devices to automate a company’s operations, accelerate responsiveness of its field and transportation personnel and maximize customer satisfaction. Mobile BIS is an Oracle Certified Partner developing its mobile solutions using the Oracle 10g database and Oracle 10g lite mobile application server.

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