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Brazil’s Federal Police Selects MetaPass as Universal Single-Sign-On Solution

Brazil’s Top Law Enforcement Agency Increases Security and Productivity with MetaPass’ Patented Technology

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MetaPass, Inc. today announced the integration and deployment of its revolutionary, virtualization-based, universal single sign-on (SSO) solution at Brazil’s Policia Federal (DPF). After thorough evaluation of SSO solutions, the DPF picked MetaPass for its technological superiority and ease of use and integration. The access to all of the organization's applications has now been consolidated, delivering a true 100% single sign-on experience to the agency's employees. Brazil’s leading system integrator GDN Tecnologia Ltda. took care of the deployment of the software.

Single sign-on gives computer users the ability to log onto multiple systems without having to authenticate with multiple passwords. Users log on securely once and then access all other applications with a single click, drastically increasing network security and user productivity, while reducing user frustration and help desk costs. MetaPass is the only Single Sign-On solution to offer 100% compatibility with all of their customer’s applications without any customization. Installation takes only a day, and, once up-and-running, MetaPass customers have access to a true Universal Single Sign-On Solution.

“MetaPass Universal SSO is the only SSO that meets Policia Federal’s highest standards of security and system integration,” said Gabriel Damato Neto, President at GDN. “It integrated with all of their target systems, even the most complex ones, instantly and effortlessly. It is truly impressive.”

While multiple products have been available on the market for years, SSO has never truly met customer expectations because it poses tremendous interoperability challenges that were solved on case-by-case basis rather than with a unified technological approach. MetaPass has developed the only system-independent SSO solution on the market. It offers instant, 100% compatibility with all customer applications without any expensive and time-consuming integration work. Installation and deployment take just minutes, rather than months, regardless of the complexity of systems to integrate: standard and home-grown, web-based on any browser, client/server, terminal with any emulator, native or within a virtual machine, local or over a remote desktop connection, etc. Moreover, the MetaPass Universal SSO technology continues to work as systems naturally evolve and doesn’t need to maintain lists of templates that inevitably would expire. MetaPass Universal SSO also runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and more to come.

MetaPass Universal SSO is the next generation Enterprise Single-Sign-On and is completely non-invasive. In addition to integrating universally with any and all target applications, it also connects without any infrastructure change to any LDAP directory, any SPML-compliant provisioning system, and virtually any strong authentication device such as smart cards, biometrics, and more.

About MetaPass, Inc.
Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, MetaPass provides the industry’s only universal identity and access management software that does not require scripting or programming for total customer integration. Enterprises and governments around the world benefit from MetaPass patented technologies to control and simplify access to their digital assets, strengthen security, and comply with regulations.

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