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GeoComm, Inc. Awarded Texas Emergency Preparedness Software DIR Contract


This government contract simplifies the process for state and local government agencies in the State of Texas and elsewhere to purchase our public safety GIS software offerings. This award is significant because it allows agencies to directly acquire products and services through the DIR contract without going to bid or through exhaustive competitive pricing procedures.

The contracts are utilized statewide by both Texas state and local government agencies under delegated authority from the Department of Information Resources. Agencies make best value purchasing decisions according to their own business needs such as price, warranty, and supplier performance.

Dan Rudningen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GeoComm, said, "We are pleased about the award of our DIR contract. This opens up opportunities for our potential customers in Texas to follow their standard purchasing protocol by purchasing our software off the statewide contract. As a result, we are enabled to assist jurisdictions across the state in procuring the public safety GIS software they require for an effective E9-1-1 system.”

About DIR:
The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) promotes a shared vision for Texas that maximizes the value of the State’s technology investment by identifying common areas of interest, using technology to advance agency missions, and preserving flexibility to innovate. Visit DIR at www.dir.state.tx.us.

About GeoComm:
GeoComm is a public safety consulting, GIS, and software company that creates systems for 9-1-1. These systems are comprised of three core elements: accurate GIS and 9-1-1 data development and management, public safety centric GIS software, and comprehensive consulting services ranging from wireless Phase I and II planning to two-way radio and networking to CPE, RFP, and PSAP consolidation studies. Over the past 13 years, GeoComm has successfully deployed thousands of licenses of public safety GIS software at different sites throughout 40 states.

GeoComm's GeoLynx Family of Products are fast and intuitive software applications that reduce response times, improve data accuracy and quality, and provide sophisticated GIS based decision support and command and control for emergency response. The GeoLynx Family of Products includes AVL for vehicle tracking, ENS for emergency notification, Stats for real-time and historical incident spatial analysis and hotspot mapping, EOC for web connected emergency operations management, and DMS for E9-1-1 GIS data management within ESRI ArcView 9.x.

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