Crime Analysis Problems Solved with GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst

GeoComm announces the official release of GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst to the United States. Developed by ESRI (UK) out of the United Kingdom as an extension of ArcGIS, GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst enables local law enforcement tools to geographically define criminal activities in order to detect patterns, trends, and ultimately to make intelligent policing decisions based on actionable data. This offering is a great match for small, medium, and even larger jurisdictions that are looking for a straight forward application. GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst provides the information required to make strategic and tactical decisions to safeguard the public. GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst is a cost effective and user friendly analytical tool to leverage underlying technology of ESRI’s ArcView GIS product.

“GeoComm is excited to provide law enforcement agencies a means to rapidly deliver geographic analysis of crime data for intelligence-led policing,” said Thomas Grones, GeoComm CEO/President. “This is a must-have tool for law enforcement agencies of any size. It can be easily incorporated into standard operations to aid in creating geospatial knowledge and situational awareness from a wide variety of data sources.”

As an extension of ESRI’s ArcGIS, GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst fits into any existing GIS enterprise.

GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst has tools for:

  • Linking time with space for statistical analysis
  • Visualizing criminal routes to track offenders
  • Identifying repeat incidents
  • Address Matching to locate incidents
  • Hot spot density mapping
  • Automating crime statistics
  • Managing and saving standard queries
  • Comparing cases with similar characteristics

Benefits realized by GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst users include: empowering your law enforcement team to make decisions based on actionable data, providing geographical context to activity with the ability to compare for trends, patterns, etc., providing repeat analysis to intervene in a crime series, and visualization of the relationship between your crime statics and crime fighting strategies.

About ESRI UK:
ESRI (UK) is part of the global ESRI network. With the single, largest pool of GIS expertise in the UK, the company is the technical authority on GIS. ESRI (UK) provides solutions, technology and services including off the shelf applications built on the ArcGIS software suite and an extensive range of consulting and training services. Customers include Police Forces throughout the UK with users as far afield as Switzerland, Canada and Guatemala.

About GeoComm:
GeoComm, an integrated GIS and public safety consulting firm, creates systems for public safety agencies throughout the United States. These systems originate from three dedicated perspectives: accurate map development, highly functional mapping software, and comprehensive consulting services ranging from wireless Phase I and II planning to two-way radio and networking. Over the past 14 years, GeoComm has successfully deployed over 6,000 licenses of customized public safety GIS software applications in different sites throughout 42 states.

GeoComm’s Family of Products provides the tools necessary to speed and enhance emergency response. These tools improve responsiveness, enhance operability, accelerate communications, and provide sophisticated GIS-based decision support information.

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Electronic monitoring for pretrial offenders: Download the free white paper

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