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Elliott County is First Public Safety Answering Point in U.S. to Connect via SIP to the Telecom Provider

InterAct Public Safety Systems Helps KY 9-1-1 Center Achieve Greater Financial Saving, Enhanced Service Capabilities, and Safer Communities

Winston Salem, N.C.--(Business Wire)--InterAct Public Safety Systems (InterAct), a leading provider of safety and security software for enterprises and government agencies, today announced that Elliott County Fiscal Court’s 9-1-1 system is the first public safety answering point (PSAP) in the United States (US) to be fully prepared for Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 capabilities.

This new infrastructure enables Elliot County to leverage an all IP-based emergency communication system and meet i3 specifications. With the InterActNG911 Controller, an integral component of the InterAct Connections Framework, this forward-thinking agency is poised to receive and react to 9-1-1 calls faster, gain enhanced 9-1-1 emergency service capabilities, and reduce operating costs. The County is also deploying InterAct’s computer aided dispatch (InterActCAD) and mapping software (InterActGIS)—giving its 9-1-1 dispatchers the most powerful tools with which they can promptly respond to emergency situations, and deploy appropriate personnel as needed.

“As the world of public safety evolves, it’s important to be prepared for however our citizens choose to communicate with us—and continue to find ways to improve our response times,” said Jim Skaggs, 9-1-1 coordinator for Elliott County. “InterAct’s fully integrated systems enable us to enhance emergency communications. We were also really impressed that InterAct’s CAD and mapping applications are not only seamlessly integrated with each other, but also with Next Generation phone systems.”

Mr. Skaggs also noted that, “Judge Executive David Blair is very pleased to have been able to obtain the necessary funding to make this project become a reality to provide better 911 services to the citizens of Elliott County.”

The principle factor driving this technological migration was the steadfast commitment of the aforementioned, Hon. Judge David Blair, to utilize the most advanced solutions possible to protect county residents. With InterAct equipment in place, the County’s PSAP is empowered to pinpoint the location of wired callers via voice over IP (VoIP) lines. Mountain Rural Telecom Cooperative, the voice service provider behind this installation, recently upgraded to a secure IP network, enabling calls to be routed from its central office to the county’s PSAP.

Though the State government is currently building an IP backbone across Kentucky, Elliot County will be among the first communities that benefit from true end-to-end IP communications. This project was made possible through the work of local, state, and regional partnerships with InterAct. The Kentucky Homeland Security office awarded a total of $109,947 in grant funds to Elliott county for equipment purchases and the CMRS Board of Kentucky provided an $82,000 grant to provide for GIS mapping and addressing for the county. In addition, the Buffalo Trace Area Development District along with the FIVCO Area Development District provided the technical staff to complete the 911 addressing and GIS mapping, along with the project management staff to support Mr. Skaggs during implementation.

“Typically, if someone calls 9-1-1, it takes up to 15 seconds before the 9-1-1 dispatcher can see the caller’s number,” said InterAct Public Safety Systems Executive Chairman and CEO Andrew J. “Flip” Filipowski. “If the call is disconnected before that number is received, the dispatcher may have no way to identify and call back the person. This disconnect can put people in peril. With the IP infrastructure in place, Elliott County dispatchers will instantly receive the caller’s number, improving public safety.”

Compliant with the State of Kentucky’s Commercial Mobile Radio Service GIS audit requirements, InterAct technology gives the agency numerous advantages, such as:

Cost savings. With the IP infrastructure in place, it will reduce the cost of adding new phone trunks to a few hundred dollars versus several thousand dollars.

Emergency text messages. As NG capabilities become available, Elliott County will be able to receive 9-1-1 text messages as well as telematics, video, audio, sensor, and camera inputs, without a significant equipment upgrade.

To learn more about InterAct Public Safety, visit www.interact911.com.

About InterAct Public Safety Systems
Founded in 1975, InterAct Public Safety Systems, provides integrated multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional public safety and homeland security systems technology. The InterAct Connections Framework™ is the foundation upon which customized comprehensive public safety solutions are built and presently used by more than 2,000 government agencies and private enterprises globally. The Company’s advanced Next Generation telephony, computer aided dispatch/mapping, mobile data sharing, and records management systems deliver emergency responders the vital information they need to protect their communities.

InterAct is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and all applications are available for purchase on GSA contract.

For more information, please visit www.interact911.com.


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