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BlueBear LES Announces MD5 Ltd to Sell LACE Categorization and Management Solution in the UK

Antoine Normand, CEO of BlueBear LES, and John Green, Managing Director of MD5 Ltd. are pleased to announce that BlueBear LES and MD5 (www.md5.uk.com) have signed a reseller agreement under which MD5 Ltd. will sell “LACE” categorization and management solution to complement their digital evidence, computer and mobile phone forensic services in the United Kingdom.

"LACE" is a powerful suite of tools which enables investigators to efficiently categorize vast amounts of image and video data from confiscated computers, dramatically reducing up to 95% the time required to bring a case to court. LACE also provides advanced tools to help in the identification of victims, suspects, witnesses, crime scenes, related cases and additionally offers a secure means for cross jurisdiction collaboration between police services worldwide.

About BlueBear LES

BlueBear LES is a private Canadian company focused on forensic solutions in the fight against Child Exploitation with an objective to design and develop software that gives Law Enforcement and Justice Communities the Solutions they need to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and successfully.

About MD5 Ltd

MD5 Ltd. are leading experts in recovering digital evidence providing computer and mobile phone forensic services to a wide range of clients including Law Enforcement throughout the United Kingdom.

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