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Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset (TACT) For Hostage and Barricade Crisis Negotiations

Defense Group Inc (DGI) has launched its newest software product at the National Tactical Officers Association conference in Pittsburgh, PA called Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset (TACT).

DGI’s flagship product CoBRA software has supported the first responder community focused on response to chemical, biological, radiological and explosives devices for ten years. This new solution will offer software tools and resources to an entirely new law enforcement community, the crisis negotiation team.

Based on national guidance and training for Crisis Negotiation Teams, the TACT solution provides specific tools in the management of hostage and barricade incidents, by building complete situational awareness via digital tools and data specific to the crisis negotiation team and situation.

TACT consists of negotiation aids, a digital situation board, chat, tools and incident data recording for the coach and the primary negotiator. Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset is designed for use in situations such as the August 2010 hostage stand-off at the Discovery Channel offices in Maryland which involved hostages and homemade explosives.

A throw phone can be connected to the TACT system to record dialog. These audio files can be added to the video and picture collaboration between tactical and off-site team members, thus allowing quick dissemination of intel to appropriate players for complete situational awareness. The Throw Phone Recorder tool can also be used to replay or email recorded conversations with the suspect for play back for psychiatric analysis, whether the doctor is on site of incident or across the country. Additional tool provides stand-off distance information to the team should explosives be involved. TACT also includes NIMS forms.

The tools are meant to be used by the entire crisis negotiation team, with tools for the team leader, primary, coach, situation board maker, scribe, PIO, and more. It allows the entire team to collaborate worldwide by updating the negotiator with relevant information, while automatically recording all proceedings for later review. Sticky Note and Chat tools allow team to share and record information without breaking radio silence. Tool are all designed to support the negotiation team’s efforts and ensure a safe and secure outcome.


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