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Fujinon Introduces New Line Of Fixed Focal Lenses For High-End Surveillance Requirements Using Megap

Submitted by Rmassa Team

Hingham, Massachusetts - RMA Electronics, a world-wide distributor for Fujinon Inc. is pleased to announce a new series of fixed focal lenses – in both manual iris and DC auto-iris versions specifically targeted for high-end, long-range surveillance requirements such as license plate inspection and traffic control. These lenses – currently available in either 35mm or 50mm fixed focal lengths, are suitable for cameras with up to 5-megapixel resolution. Further, they are 2/3” format for use on larger camera imagers, and are day/night (IR corrected) for eliminating any focus shift when used with day/night cameras.

Here are the current Fujinon models being offered:

• HF35SR4A-1 2/3” 35mm F2.0 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel
• HF35SR4A-SA1 2/3” 35mm F2.0 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel
• HF50SR4A-1 2/3” 50mm F2.8 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel
• HF50SR4A-SA1 50mm F2.8 DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens, Day/Night, 5-Megapixel

Pricing for these new lenses starts in the $500 range, and they are available for immediate shipment.

System integrators, OEMs, and end users can view all models, technical specifications, and pricing by visiting: http://www.rmassa.com/manu/fujinon.htm.

About RMA Electronics

Formerly known as Ronald A. Massa Associates, RMA Electronics was established in the year 1986. It started out as a Systems Integrator/Value Added Reseller and Manufacturer's Representative specializing in selling vision, image processing and graphics products to OEM's and end users. Today, the company has grown to becoming a worldwide distributor of industrial video, video security, and vision-related products, including companies such as Sony, Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), Hitachi, Pentax, Euresys, Kowa, and Fujinon.

About Fujinon Inc.

Part of FujiFilm, Fujinon's CCTV division utilizes technology from company's broadcast lens division, offering lenses that create high-quality pictures for all surveillance applications. Fujinon's CCTV products include fixed focal length, vari-focal length, day/night lenses, and motorized zoom lenses.

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