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City of Highland Park, Ill. Police Department Uses Online Portal to Empower Citizens and Save Officers Time

New World Systems and Coplogic partnership helps Police Department improve efficiency and do more with less

Troy, Mich. — The City of Highland Park, Ill. Police Department is now offering residents a much more convenient and cost effective online alternative to filing a police report in person for minor offenses. Using solutions from New World Systems, the leader in public sector software, and Coplogic, Inc., the Police Department’s Online Citizen Reporting System is improving the use of officer time and ensuring all stolen property is accurately reported and tracked.

“Especially with the economic cuts everyone is facing, we were looking for a way to allow more time for officers to be out on patrol instead of tied up with reports,” said Jason Kern, Communications Supervisor. “New World and Coplogic offer a solution that has a lot of merit for busy agencies that deal with time-consuming ‘delayed’ and ‘no known suspect’ type of reports.”

The two companies are providing the Police Department with a powerful interface between New World Systems’ Aegis MSP Suite of Public Safety software and Coplogic’s DeskOfficer Online Reporting System (DORS). Working seamlessly together, the two solutions reduce data entry for the Highland Park Police Department, improve incident information accuracy and allow for faster investigations and reporting of minor crimes.

Highland Park citizens can use Coplogic’s web-based reporting system to file reports online for minor incidents such as theft, accidental damage to property, harassing/annoying phone calls, lost property, mischief complaints, vandalism and more. After review and approval by a Police Department supervisor, the Citizen Reporting interface to New World’s Aegis MSP Records Management software imports the incident/case information entered by a citizen through DORS directly into Records Management. Without retyping information, the officer is able to create and send a report back to the resident and begin the investigation immediately.

“In addition to freeing up hours of officer time from reporting, it is also allowing citizens more flexibility to report incidents at their leisure from their homes or offices,” said Kern.

Highland Park Police Department introduced the Online Citizen Reporting System early this year, with dispatchers also directing non-emergency callers to use the Online Portal when appropriate. The Police Department has been pleased with the number of citizens taking advantage of this option.

“Without the interface between solutions, any online reporting system would create more clerical work for an agency,” said Kern. “The key to saving the officers’ time is the seamless interface. Both Coplogic and New World worked together closely behind the scenes to ensure these solutions provide tremendous time-saving benefits.”

New World Systems, a public sector software company in Troy, Michigan, has provided software solutions for public safety and public administration organizations since 1981.The Company designs, develops, markets, supports and implements the fully integrated Logos™ Public Administration Suite for local governments and the Aegis™ Suite of Public Safety Software for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS. New World Systems is trusted by more than 1,000 public sector agencies across the United States. New World Systems is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner.

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