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Essential Software Development Introduces Peace Officer Background Investigation Tracking System

Special Pricing Announced for Early Adopters

Peace Officer Background Investigation Tracking System (POBITS)

POBITS is a web-based software solution that gives all investigation participants direct access to the system to complete their questionnaires while giving background investigators complete control and visibility investigation progress and activities. POBITS produces POST compliant reports based on investigator findings and narrative comments. This is a new and unique capability never before available to the professional background investigator.

“Our market assessment concluded there is no viable software product available to background investigators, and they badly need one”, reported Kingsley Klosson, the developer of the system and the managing owner of Essential Software Development, LLC. In developing this system, Mr. Klosson and his team wanted to maximize the use of modern software capabilities and bring a “game-changer” to the background investigation process. Using POBITS, a candidate’s references may actually complete an on-line questionnaire within minutes, instead of days or weeks. This vastly reduces the cycle times for interactions with investigation participants.

“Software delivery is a completely different business now compared to just a few years ago,” states Mr. Klosson. “We sell POBITS as an annual subscription at a very low rate per user with no up-front costs or investments. The barriers to providing high-end software products at a low cost have been shattered.”

Essential Software Development is offering a special promotion to early adopters – the annual subscription rate per investigator will never increase as long as your subscription remains active, regardless of any price change. A personal webinar and 30-day free trial subscription is offered to all prospective subscribers. Essential Software Development encourages all prospective subscribers to take full advantage of these evaluation tools.

About Essential Software Development, LLC
Essential Software Development, LLC was incorporated in Virginia in 2003, though the company was founded in 1991 when development began on its first product. Among other vertical market software products, Essential Software Development provides the leading pledge management and accounting system for the Combined Federal Campaign, the annual charitable pledge drive within the federal workforce that raises over $280 million annually for charities throughout the U.S. and the world.

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