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Agencies across the U.S. transition to eSOPH, an Electronic Background Investigation Software System by Miller Mendel Inc.

Seattle, Washington - The King County Sheriff's Office (WA) was the first to adopt the new web based background investigation system, better known as "eSOPH", or "electronic Statement of Personal History". Since KCSO's adoption in 2010, agencies on the west and east coast have transitioned to the new paperless background system.

"The goal in the creation of eSOPH was to reduce the amount of time it takes a single background to be concluded, while also introducing a Green, paperless solution to address current, Green Government initiatives. Additionally, eSOPH was designed to help agencies save money, while also giving agencies more tools and better efficiency in their background units. eSOPH was designed to address every aspect of the background investigation process, so no paper file retention is necessary," said Miller Mendel Inc. CEO Tyler Miller.

According to KCSO Detective Robert Burrows, eSOPH has cut their background investigation cycle time down "way beyond half" in processing individual applicant backgrounds. KCSO alone has put over 1,000 applicants through the system.

With eSOPH, agencies are able to build their own (unlimited) number questionnaires and other documents such as waivers, agreements and other pages used during the background investigation process. An Agency User simply selects the position the applicant applied for within the system, and the system sends all questionnaires and other documents for the applicant to complete online, specific to the position they have applied. Applicants can upload other documents and even images, as required by an agency's instructions. When the applicant has completed their background documents, the assigned agency user is notified and can begin processing the background. eSOPH includes a large number of built in tools, which significantly reduces the manual labor required from the background investigator, such as automatic electronic reference generation and receiving abilities.

eSOPH is backed up in real-time so all data is saved in two, separate geographical locations. Agencies are also able to control how long records are kept on the system via settable criteria, as well as download and keep the complete background files on disc, at their agency.

eSOPH allows your department to have an unlimited number of Agency Users (background detectives, support personnel, admin, etc.), at no additional cost. The admin user can create a wide range of different permission levels for different system Users to help better control User access and ensure compliance with privacy laws.

eSOPH was designed specifically for sworn and non-sworn police personnel background investigations, but it is also ideal for any background investigation for high level positions, or public trust positions. eSOPH was carefully designed in point to address the requirements of the California Commission on Police Officer Standards & Training (POST). eSOPH is essentially dynamic in that many features allow your department to customize the program in a way that best fits your organization's own process.

For more information, please visit the eSOPH information website at www.eSOPH.com or contact Miller Mendel, Inc. at (206) 330-2094 or email us at info@eSOPH.com. eSOPH is copyrighted and Patent Pending.

About Miller Mendel:

Miller Mendel, Inc. (MMI) creates, sells and supports softw are technology solutions for the private and public sectors. MMI places an emphasis on creating and mastering solutions that segues traditional process and systems into Green, efficient solutions that exceed user expectation. MMI has a principal focus on those technology solutions related to human resource processes, with a primarily dedication to the public sector.

MMI is known for creating category leading systems and also responsive, exceptional support to all clients. MMI places great pride in straightforward, transparent operational practices that foster a high level of respect and praise from our clients.

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