RadarVision®2™ Provides Search and Surveillance Assistance to Law Enforcement

JACKSONVILLE, FL. - Armor Holdings Products Division now offers RadarVision®2™ to the U.S. law enforcement community. A through wall motion detection device RadarVision®2™ is a hand-held, lightweight product that uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar technology to detect people in motion behind walls. The system uses the UWB pulses to penetrate most common building materials, including drywall, brick, block, and concrete. The unit's display panel provides the operator with direction and three selectable ranges to the motion contact and transmits 10 million coded pulses per second.

Originally designed and perfected for military covert operations, RadarVision®2™ is now available to civilian law enforcement and SWAT teams to simplify hostage and search operations, as well as to provide a useful tool for urban warfare. The product is also available in RadarVision2i® for the international law enforcement market and SolderVision™ for the US military.

About Armor Safety Products Company
The Armor Holdings Products Division manufactures and sells a broad range of high-quality security products, equipment and related consumable items marketed under brand names that are well established in the military, law enforcement and private-security communities.

About Armor Holdings
Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AH) is a diversified manufacturer of branded products for the military, law enforcement and personnel safety markets. The Armor Holdings Products Division, Armor Mobile Security Division and Aerospace and Defense Group provide products such as body armor, less-lethal munitions, officer duty gear, armoring for vehicles and crashworthy aircraft seating. Additional information about the Company can be found at www.armorholdings.com.

Armor Holdings

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