PIPS Wins the Equipment and Technology Innovation Award from the Association of Police & Public Security Suppliers

PIPS Technology, with world headquarters in Knoxville, TN, has won the 2006 APPSS Equipment and Technology Innovation Award for PAGIS (Police ALPR Graphical Information System). The award was secured due to the innovation, partnership and the overall contribution to the criminal justice community demonstrated by PIPS in the development of PAGIS, a mobile ALPR solution for law enforcement.

Introduced in early 2005, PAGIS has seen rapid success and adoption throughout the US and Europe. During this short time, PAGIS has been credited with numerous successes including the apprehension of murder and rape suspects, the recovery of stolen vehicles, and more.

Designed with direct input from law enforcement professionals, PAGIS is an intuitive and easy to use in-car mobile ALPR system with simple touch screen control operation. PIPS Technology also designs and manufactures fixed-site systems, software, processors, and back-office solutions to extend the capabilities and benefits of the PAGIS system.

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