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EarHugger® Safety Equipment Introduces a Revolutionary New Design in Ear Bone Microphone Technology

Never duct tape your earpiece to your head again!  It’s here…an affordable “talk and listen through your ear” device that actually works.

Spanish Fork, UT. – July 11, 2006When a police chief from a mid-western city reported that his officers had to duct tape the ear bone microphones they were using to their ears to keep them working, the product development team at EHS knew there had to be a better way.  Ear bone mics are supposed to allow you to TALK and LISTEN through your EAR.  Many brands have promised this capability; few have delivered.  Now, EarHugger® Safety Equipment introduces a revolutionary new design in ear bone microphone (EBM) technology.   Standard ear bone mics have a single, small bulge on the surface of the earpiece.  This single bulge houses the electronics for transmitting sound.  For the earpiece to work, the bulge must stay in constant contact with the wearer’s ear bone.  The EarHugger EBM, however, spreads its electronic components over the entire surface of the earpiece.  This dramatically increases the contact between bones and transmitters and ensures a constant electronic connection.

 “The EarHugger EBM addresses important safety concerns.” said EHS Vice President of Sales Mike Marshall.  “Public safety personnel who must wear helmets and/or masks need a reliable way to communicate while wearing the equipment required by their special units. The EBM fits easily under helmets and does not break the seal on masks. The EBM’s elliptical shape allows the wearer to rotate the earpiece until it locks securely into any size or shape of ear. Unlike other ear bone mics, the EarHugger EBM will not fall out into the wearer’s helmet.  The spreading out of the electrical components allows for a secure connection and clear sound.” 
The EarHugger EBM features an inline push-to-talk and, on most models, an additional PTT on the EBM’s radio connector. The EBM comes ready to connect to your radio.  There is no need to make any additional purchases, such as a radio adapter, for the EBM to be operational.

Several EBM accessories are available.  Included free of charge is EHS’s patented soft plastic ear frame, which can be used to further stabilize the piece on the ear should the user wish.  In addition, the inline PTT provides a 2.5mm jack for use with a ring PTT (aka thumb actuator) which can be purchased separately. EBMs are available hard wired to a variety of accessory connectors. This makes the unit compatible with a wide range of popular radios.

Suggested retail price for the EarHugger Ear Bone Microphone is $100.  MSR for the optional ring PTT is $15.
EHS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of audio accessories for two-way radios and has been equipping public safety professionals for over a decade.   The company’s goal is to provide high performance products at reasonable prices.  The company motto is, “Top quality electronics at a price the individual officer can afford to buy.” 

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