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Safeguard Business Unit Announces Expanded Services for Narcotics and Explosives Detection

BusinessWire Safeguard Security Holdings, Inc.SSHS

“Nancy brings a significant element to our security services allowing our firm to offer the most advanced narcotics and explosive detection techniques in our industry by using highly trained and certified canines. Her services have been retained through us by one of our largest power utility clients in the Texas area, which our firm has served during the past four years. We are excited to have teamed with Scentry Place as part of our overall service offerings,” stated Safeguard’s CEO, R. Michael Lagow.

About Safeguard: (www.safeguardsecurityholdings.com)
Safeguard is a fully integrated sole-source security solutions provider offering a converged suite of physical and electronic services through its operating subsidiaries. It provides corporate and government clients with a wide range of security services ranging from highly trained armed and unarmed guards, security management staffing, and security staff outsourcing, to installation and maintenance of integrated electronic security solutions, and even to specialized consulting services as may be required to support the varying security needs of its clients. The company is organized along three distinct lines of business - Technical Systems, Security Personnel and Security Outsourcing Solutions. Its operations are directed from its offices in Dallas, Texas.

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