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Jadoo Power and Partners to Receive $1.8 Million Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funding for Fuel Cell Technology Development

Jadoo Power

Jadoo Power, together with several industry leaders including; NASCAR Media Group, Acumentrics Corporation, Lynch Diversified Vehicles, the City of Folsom and Airgas, will demonstrate the efficacy of an integrated solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power system in field use. The SOFC system will be a 1 kilowatt power supply fueled by hydrogen derived from propane. Propane is an excellent source of hydrogen and a fuel with an existing infrastructure—making it a market-ready solution.

Jadoo Power will expand its fuel cell integration expertise to include SOFC at 1 kilowatt and greater portable power applications. Jadoo Power will incorporate Acumentrics proprietary tubular anode supported fuel cell design to develop a system that is both robust and compact.

Jadoo Power will work with NASCAR Media Group (the television media division of NASCAR) and City of Folsom to deploy five systems to replace gas and diesel generators that are currently in use. Jadoo Power will provide three SOFC power systems that NASCAR will use over two race seasons, accumulating more than 5000 hours of operation and over 250 startup cycles. Remote monitoring of the systems will be established and data will be analyzed following each event.

“We are very excited about this unique project because it will demonstrate the very latest in alternative energy solutions in real-world applications. The ARRA funding of this project is a major step in ultimately changing the way we will all use and think about power,” stated Leonard Devanna, Jadoo Power’s Chief Executive Officer.

Jadoo Power will also deliver systems to the City of Folsom Police and Fire Departments. The Folsom, California Police Department will operate a Jadoo Power SOFC system replacing a portable generator in their Mobile Command Control Unit. The City of Folsom’s Fire Department will use a Jadoo Power SOFC system for various off-grid power needs including emergency lighting and equipment. These systems will demonstrate the importance of reliable off-grid power systems in critical law enforcement and other first responder environments.

These high visibility field applications with NASCAR Media Group and the City of Folsom will demonstrate the applicability of clean and efficient SOFC power and raise awareness of the commercial viability of SOFC as a generator replacement.

Jadoo Power is a leading industry innovator and systems integrator in PEM fuel cell technology using metal hydride and chemical hydride fuels. The Company’s focus has been in military and commercial portable power supplies, first responder, security and surveillance applications. This award will accelerate the company’s development path in SOFC technology and higher energy density hydrogen-based fuels and lay a foundation for a new range of power supply products in residential and commercial applications.

For more information about this funding and other ARRA stimulus grant recipients, see the DOE news release: http://www.energy.gov/news2009/7262.htm

About Jadoo Power
Jadoo Power is a systems integrator and an industry leader in fuel cell technology and hybrid alternative power systems delivering best-in-class solutions to commercial, business and military customers. Founded in 2001, Jadoo Power is grounded in technical expertise, product development and strategic partnerships. Jadoo Power’s industry strengths include hybrid power systems, balance-of-plant technology, fuel management and advancements in more efficient fuels including fuel storage and delivery, critical components of the hydrogen economy. For more information on Jadoo Power please visit their website at http://www.jadoopower.com.

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