AmCad Announces the Fully Integrated Justice Platform

Business Wire)--AmCad is a full service technology and solutions provider for state and local governments since 1986. AmCad’s focus is automation and modernization of government records and justice solutions.

AmCad announces the release of its Justice Platform – an end to end solution that will provide seamless case management capabilities starting from charges filed with a magistrate all the way through to release from probation – developed as a single configurable system. This new platform includes AmCad’s existing Court Case Management solution successfully deployed at both state and county levels, delivering a one-stop-shop for the criminal justice process.

Addressing the complexity of the criminal justice process

Starting with identifying a suspect and continuing through rehabilitation of an offender, the lifecycle of the justice process includes law enforcement, courts, jails, prisons, probation and numerous justice support organizations. Through information sharing governance, technologies such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and standards including the National Information Exchange Model, significant progress has been made to address the incongruence across the justice process. However, due to sheer number of agencies involved each bringing process variations, high workload volumes and differences in data, more complexity has been introduced. It is our goal to address this complexity at the lowest level, integrate the criminal justice functions for the agencies and departments that process the charges, adjudicate the case, incarcerate the criminal and rehabilitate the offender – especially given these departments have very tightly coupled business processes. The justice process involves different agencies performing their mandated function that ultimately converges to a single person.

A Truly Integrated & Seamless Solution

Built on the foundations of our person-centric platform already deployed successfully across the country, AmCad is able to offer a solution that uniformly supports:

1. Magistrate
2. Pre-Trial
3. District Attorney
4. Public Defender
5. Courts
6. Jails, and
7. Probation

Visagar Shyamsundar, AmCad's COO directed our evolution into a justice lifecycle solution provider as a top priority for AmCad. According to him, expanding our capabilities to serve the community by providing leading edge solutions that are simpler to implement and maintain, while costing significantly less than traditional integration driven approaches will be a win-win situation for the company and our clients.

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