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Luma Brite™ Technologies, LLC Develops New Flexible “Green Friendly” Lighting Technology for Lighted Vehicle Wraps, Signs, and Billboards

Luma Brite™ Technologies, LLC releases new patent pending illumination system utilizing “green friendly” energy efficient technology to deliver maximum visual impact in no light and low light conditions. This new technology system provides a flexible and durable light source that has a similar visual effect to neon but with the durability to be applied to practically ANY surface. The technology can be utilized for vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, signs, billboards, temporary or portable signage and also has many applications in the safety and other industries.

David Brainard invented the Luma Brite™ technology as a solution to the ineffectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising at night. With the ability to light up vehicle wraps this new technology provides the end user with the most impact both day and night increasing exposure and impressions exponentially.

This new technology uses a very low energy footprint, is cool to the touch, and can be powered via battery or even solar recharged for remote and portable applications. Luma Brite™ technology can also be set to flash in an animated sequence or be sound activated, drawing attention and giving an extra measure of exposure.

Luma Brite™ Technologies, LLC is setting up and training dealers in the Vehicle/Fleet Wrap and Sign industry to sell and install this exciting new patent pending technology. The technology will give the dealer a substantial competitive edge over their competition.

Luma Brite™ Technologies, LLC is led by David Brainard as President, Kim Brainard as VP of Operations, David Schumaker as VP of Business Development.

To request dealership or licensing information and to watch a video showing the technology in action go to www.LumaBrite.com or contact David C. Schumaker at 877-623-9727 or email at davids@LumaBrite.com.

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