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CTS LEDI™ Technology Provides Superior Performance

CTS LEDI™, uses high intensity LEDs emitting a proprietary combination of wavelengths that will optically disrupt and disorient human subjects. This proven effect interferes with a subject’s ability to continue ongoing behavior. The first LEDI product to be released by CTS has the appearance of a flashlight with 3”, 4” and 6” diameter heads available.

• Human effectiveness and safety proven by independent tests
• Flexibility to address different law enforcement, correctional and military needs
• Can function as ultra-bright conventional flashlight as well
• LEDI technology will be able support multiple missions with other form factors
• Innovative light source allows smaller and brighter devices

Applications, Features and Benefits:

• Riot Control/Crowd Dispersal
• Uniformed Patrol Confrontations
• Prison/Jail/Custodial Situations
• Tactical - SWAT Missions
• Anti-Hijacking
• Hail & Warn/Checkpoints/Barricade
• Counter-Sniper
• Faster: deploys quickly
• Cleaner: no decontamination, no mess
• Cost Effective: reusable, rechargeable
• Familiar: deploys like an hand-held light
• Programmable: depending on application
tactical, patrol or crowd dispersal
• Hail & Warn/Checkpoints/Barricade
• Extension of Range: effectiveness beyond
ranges of pepper spray & Taser

For more information, visit www.less-lethal.com.

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