Govlaunch opens new marketplace for govtech

SAN FRANCISCO — Govlaunch Inc., went live on November 6, 2017 with the first and only widely available search engine for government technology. Inspired by their experience building web applications for local governments, founders James Alfano and Barry Greenfield developed Govlaunch to make it easier for government agencies to find the technology solutions they need.

“Our leadership has been involved with the procurement and sale of government technology for many years, which allows us to understand complexity of this marketplace. The reality is that most agencies are too burdened with daily operational needs to adequately perform the necessary due diligence when considering technology purchases,” said Greenfield, who previously founded

“Govlaunch gives decision makers the tools to effectively join the digital age.”

The service is free for government users, and provides a community to anonymously browse and share products, protecting agencies from unwanted vendor spam. Information is protected by Govlaunch until the user actively seeks contact with a vendor.

“Government officials are inundated with solicitations from vendors. We felt agency officials needed a safe environment where they could find unbiased information on the vendors who provide technology and services,” said Alfano.

Alfano is quick to stress the importance of the community they are building for government leaders.

“A lot of technology purchases are taking place without the benefit of knowing what options exist, what’s been implemented elsewhere or how well it’s working. As a result, government agencies are missing out on opportunities to innovate cost-effectively,” said Alfano.

“By connecting government agencies around the technologies they’re already using, we’re helping them figure​ ​out what’s working, where.”

About Govlaunch​  ​
Govlaunch is a free web platform designed to help government agencies make smarter technology decisions.

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