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Centice Corporation Launches MFL-3000 Prescription Drug Identification Platform for Law Enforcement

MFL-3000 brings affordable Raman Spectroscopy analysis of prescription drugs to law enforcement agencies and industry integrators and distributors

(Morrisville, N.C.) – Centice Corporation, a pioneer in chemical verification and identification using Raman spectroscopy and computational sensor technology, announced today the availability of the new MFL-3000 prescription drug identification platform for law enforcement applications. The MFL-3000 analyzes prescription pills and other controlled substances via a Raman Spectroscopy hardware/software system and provides rapid identification of seized evidence. The platform includes Centice’s core RECAP™ technology which captures drug spectra for matching to a database of over 3,500 prescription drugs and an easy to use, Windows-based software application for collecting, organizing, communicating and managing spectra databases.

Centice’s RECAP technology, packaged in a new portable platform, is a small form factor engine that is applicable in solutions across multiple markets where fast, inexpensive chemical identification is required. In conjunction with announcing the MFL-3000, Centice also announced the solicitation of partners to help develop and market new solutions based on this new proprietary platform.

"The problem of prescription drug diversion and abuse is well known in law enforcement. We are bringing our proven technology to help crime labs and forensic professionals with an affordable, mobile solution" said Centice Corporation CEO, Dr. Prasant Potuluri. “We are excited by the reception already received from our customers in Florida.”

"Illegal activity with prescription drugs in Florida costs taxpayers money," said Columbia County, Florida Sheriff Mark Hunter. "The ability to quickly identify prescription drugs by the officer on scene saves taxpayers money and will likely aid in a quicker resolution of cases. The MFL-3000 is a proactive solution that attacks the prescription drug identification problem directly at a very reasonable cost."

"The MFL-3000 is now part of our standard load out for an operation. It is great to have the portability of a unit that is self-contained and easy to set up" said Phillip Price, Commander of the Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad of Cherokee County, Georgia. "Using the MFL-3000 has allowed our team to streamline and facilitate the evidence-collection process."

About Centice
Centice Corporation creates and delivers advanced technology solutions to select markets in pharmacy operations, healthcare, manufacturing and homeland security. By leveraging an expertise in applied Raman spectroscopy, computational sensors, and machine vision technology, Centice provides technologies and integration expertise that improves lives and protects people’s lifestyles. Centice’s scientists and engineering teams work with a network of partners to answer emerging business and public service needs. Headquartered in Morrisville, N.C. and founded in 2004, the company markets products directly and through distributors. More information can be found at www.centice.com.

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