Full-Color Video and Audio System Specifically Designed for Police Motorcycles Hits the Market

Urbana, Illinois -- The new Squad-Fitters video system specifically designed for police motorcycles has been over a year in the making. This system comes with four main components consisting of:
  • A high definition low-lux, color lipstick camera on an adjustable mount
  • A control console with a 3.5" active matrix video screen featuring tape and system status when turned on,
  • A microphone and transmitter for audio recording,
  • A heavy-duty vibration resistant 8mm recorder in a steel vault that can easily be installed in the Squad-Fitters boxes or saddlebag.
The control console is mounted on handlebar or tank top for quick access. The 3.5" color LCD TFT active matrix screen features system buttons with all operations backlit and easily accessible with a gloved hand. The granite gray powder coat 18-gauge steel housing and all connections are weatherproof.

The weatherproof camera is activated when the pursuit lights go on or at the officer's discretion using the system buttons. The battery life of the audio system is over twelve hours and recording time is 5 hours when using P-150 tape. VCR is a modular 4 head HQ, helical scanning stereo, Hi-8mm format.

This video system is linkable to both MPH and Decatur patrolling radars, along with an on-board date and timer. This is a basic system that can get the job done and ensure video and audio evidence is there when you need it.

Color camera dimensions: 1" D x 3.5" L.
Control console dimensions: 4" W x 3.9" H x 1.5" D.
VCR vault dimensions: 12.5" W x 4.25" H x 14.5" D. Weight: 4 lbs

For more information visit www.squadfitters.com


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