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Lets Cellular Hostage/Crisis Negotions System


LETS Corporation Orion Systems, Introduces New Hostage/Crisis Negotiations Features for our LETS 2.0 Investigative Phone Recording Management System.

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New features enhance LETS proven Industry Leading System.

Concord, CA. - LETS Corporation dba Orion Systems is announcing the addition of several new features to our industry leading LETS 2.0 Investigative Phone and Audio Recording System. Our system has been updated to provide Hostage and Crisis Response Personnel to immediately establish a secure, recorded connection with the hostage taker or subject. Additionally LETS allows for notification and connection of command, supervisory or tactical personnel to the real-time audio as it is recorded to a secure server. Command, Supervisors, Tactical and the Negotiators can connect from any landline or cellular phone while responding to the scene, saving valuable time over traditional response equipment.

LETS Hostage/Crisis Response meets to rising need of modern Incident response. Today more often than not, when an incident occurs, it is not uncommon for the first Responder or Supervisor has already established a conversation with the hostage taker or subject using a cellular phone. This connection is usually on being recorded and does not allow a negotiator or other responding personnel to monitor the conversation. LETS bridges this gap by allowing a negotiator to call in securely and monitor or take over control of the conversation. LETS allows additional responding command, supervisory and tactical personnel to connect through a secure, muted connection gaining access to the real-time information but not interfering with the ongoing negotiations. For additional information on our Hostage/Crisis Response System please contact us. Demonstrations and Filed evaluations are available.

LETS Investigative Phone Recording System is field proven in use by over 300 agencies with well over 130,000 operational recordings. It is used by Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies, Task Forces and Prosecutors for Narcotics and other criminal investigations. LETS is a multi-functional, recording and audio management system for use as a covert body wire, investigative calling, pretext calls, interviews, statements, interrogations and now hostage and crisis response.

About LETS Corp. Inc.

LETS Corporation dba Orion Systems, is a developer of Law Enforcement Audio Communications systems using both cellular and PSTN land line technology to provide a high quality, real-time, digital audio recordings from covert wire, investigative calling and other related operations. Our Secure storage and web based recording manager allows the secure storage of unlimited numbers of audio recordings. It provides investigators and supervisory personnel with immediate, secure access to the stored audio files. LETS provides unmatched performance and reliability. LETS other featured Products include or InvisaListen for Android, Application for enhanced covert wire operations, LETS LS Server, which provided desktop storage of your audio files at your facility. For a complete description of all of our LETS family of products please visit us at: www.ulets.net


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