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BMS Awarded $8.5 Million Microwave Communications Contract

San Diego, CA - Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. (BMS) has been awarded an $8.5 million contract by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Services to provide microwave communications equipment for a command center and infrastructure system for border security.

This system will allow real time transmission from fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, and vehicles through relay sites or direct to fixed or mobile receive sites. The signals are then sent via a fiber optic network to the master control station and converted to Ethernet to be viewed locally on a wall monitor or distributed.

Graham Bunney, President of BMS said "This is a state of the art digital transmission system and infrastructure that has many applications in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security. This type of system will be a force multiplier for today’s resource strapped security communities. Customers also benefit from the ability to expand and upgrade the system as requirements or technologies change."

BMS, a Cohu company (www.cohu.com) and a leader in COFDM microwave transmission, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells microwave transmission systems. BMS has a broad range of products and systems developed for broadcast television, law enforcement, sports and special event venues, unmanned air vehicles, and military applications.

For more information on the BMS COFDM product line, or any other BMS products, e-mail sales@bms-inc.com
or visit BMS' web site at: www.bms-inc.com

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