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BMS Announces John Timm has Joined Sales Team

Poway, CA - BMS announced today the addition of John Timm to the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Sales Staff. John will join Steve Yanke in representing this growing market segment for BMS.

BMS President Graham Bunney said, "Our Law Enforcement and Public Safety Market has been growing at a rapid pace. The addition of John Timm will enable BMS to continue expanding with the "one on one" support our customers have come to rely on, in providing them microwave downlink solutions. We look forward to John's help in continuing our dominance in the marketplace."

The addition of John Timm to BMS' sales team is part of BMS' mission to bring knowledge and expertise to new and existing customers and to make sure those customers are well taken care of.

John Timm was previously a Public Safety Sales Manager for Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) for 2 years and with RF Technology (RFT) for 15 years prior to their merger.

About BMS
BMS, a Cohu company (www.cohu.com) and a leader in COFDM microwave transmission, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells microwave transmission systems. BMS has a broad range of products and systems developed for broadcast television, law enforcement, border security, sports and special event venues, unmanned air vehicles, and military applications.

For more information on BMS or BMS products, e-mail sales@bms-inc.com or visit our website, www.bms-inc.com.


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