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Police Agencies Turning to 4D Technology to Track Terrorists and Other Criminals

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Investigators and law enforcement agents on the hunt for terrorists and other criminals have to accumulate, store, and track thousands of fragmented pieces of information in an ongoing basis. Then, somehow, rapidly retrieve the right information that links to a new clue. Expediting this process is often crucial in preventing criminals on the verge of being arrested from slipping out of the grasp of authority.

The ability of identifying and establishing relationships among a wide range of fragmented clues on an expedient and efficient manner is so important, that many investigators are turning to a software program initially used to track Mafia activity. This powerful portable software system is called Orion… the Hunter, developed nine years ago for the Italian federal police.

And now, in the environment of post-Sept. 11, interest in Orion has increased substantially. As a result, the system has been revised and enhanced with guidance from U.S. law enforcement agencies, and is being reviewed for use in the Homeland Defense Program.

Orion was designed by Las Cruces, New Mexico-based Sigma4, Inc., and powered by 4D Inc.'s tracking, linking and retrieving software tools. The program assists the investigator in identifying and establishing relationships in the stored information. Then it translates the data in a clear and concise format for follow-up action. 4D's technology helps Orion catalog and relate all criminal investigation information, such as personal information, phone surveillance logs and transcripts, affiliated company information, to name a few.

Orion has the ability to track all data entry and modifications, create and store investigation reports with contents "hot linked" to related information. Its "Hunter" search tool is designed to not only find and display information requested but also any other related information on file. It also provides for an easy exchange of information among multiple sites and various agencies through electronic links.

And finally, the software provides a mapping tool that allows investigators to search and analyze criminal behavioral patterns in geographical areas.

About 4D Inc.
4D, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a leading maker of software solutions that simplify the process of developing and deploying database applications. 4D, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4D, SA, which has distribution channels in more than 30 countries. For more information, 4D, Inc., can be reached at (408) 557-4600, or on the Internet at http://www.4D.com. For press inquiries, contact Kevin Ferguson, 4D, Inc., Marketing Specialist, at (408) 557-4674, or via email at kferguson@4d.com.

About Sigma 4, Inc.
Las Cruces, NM-based Sigma 4 is a multi-faceted software development and integration company, providing custom solutions including database, software, Internet and turn-key systems. Specialties include: 4th Dimension (4D) Relational Database Programming, as well as ECommerce development.

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