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TEA Announces the New Cobra Boom Arm Headset

TEA Cobra Cobra is a new, modular boom arm headset from TV Equipment which provides the user with personal choice and the flexibility to reconfigure the equipment to suite a specific type of mission. No tools are required and configuration changes can be made in a matter of seconds. The system components are fully ruggedised to withstand extreme environments and human factor considerations have resulted in a light weight design combined with long term comfort.

The headset has both the boom mic and earphone mounted on flexible arms which are fully adjustable. The close-coupled supra aural type earphone stands off from your ear which provides greater comfort and, as the ear is not covered, monitoring of ambient noise is maximized. The boom mic can be positioned for best noise cancellation.

Cobra's extremely low profile accommodates the most close fitting ballistic infantry helmet. It's available with an assortment of mics and phones to compliment your radio.

Three different types of headset attachment are offered - and are achieved in seconds without tools. The most popular is a fully adjustable headstrap which fits around the head and is made with a combination of soft cotton and mesh materials for comfort and ventilation. It can be worn on bare heads or under helmets and provides a stable platform during strenuous activity. An adjustable overhead spring headband is widely used in HQs and command centers. Finally, a helmet clip can be supplied to attach the headset to the side of the helmet.

A variety of press to talk (PTT) switches are offered. For SWAT applications, the popular "D" switch provides the best economy. Alternatively, you might select the single or dual radio Pressel PTTs which accommodate instant reconfiguration of the headset in the field without tools. The Pressels are provided in slim, moulded polyurethane switch-boxes which are fully waterproof and house the PTT switch and integral clothing clip. For applications that require one person to operate two radios, a dual Pressel switch can be substituted which allows the selection of either radio. Both radios are monitored simultaneously.

An optional respirator mic can be installed using the "T" connector.

Long weapon PTT switches - Many tactical users - especially snipers, need a PTT switch in user's hand - several different styles are offered.

But...Cobra is also a handset. Remove the headband or headstrap and plug the headset into the single Pressel and you have a compact mil-style handset.

For information on Cobra and other TEA products, please visit www.swatheadsets.com

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