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DropFire's BLAZE Product Suite Geared Towards Public Safety Market

Public safety is DropFire's initial target market. The public safety market has pursued wireless technology to help identify, monitor, and apprehend suspects and increase the rate of success of enforcing the law. Using DropFire's BLAZE product suite, law enforcement agencies can send and receive intelligence from internal databases for mug shots, incident reports, parking tickets, and arrest records without leaving their vehicle, or while they are walking or biking in the neighborhoods to which they are assigned.

Photographic Needs of
Public Safety Departments:
Picture quality varies, and is not always reviewed at the scene Images can be viewed and tagged before being sent to the station for quality control
Picture delivery to database is manual, and done using small removable media Digital Cameras can be connected to wireless devices through proprietary technology. Image transfer is authenticated to ensure transmission
Images sit in separate databases from other crime-related information. Image recall reliability is dependent on the database vendor DropFire can integrate disparate database records as the request for information comes in from the mobile officer's device
Fast access to pictures to identify suspects before they get away

DropFire is focused on the delivery of images and their associated metadata.
DropFire's 3-second download time ensures that accessing the picture will aid in identification and enforcement

Multiple devices are in the field, and multiple wireless networks are in use DropFire's technology is based on Internet protocols, so it is not dependent on any one network or device type


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